If you are on a tight budget and struggling to get the best deal for your rent a car in Sri Lanka, fear not! We have made a list of our main tips and tricks to finding the best prices and deals on car rental deals in Sri Lanka.
  1. Consider how long you’ll need the car.
Prices often drop for longer rental time periods, so renting a car for longer periods can offer substantial savings over renting a car for just a few days and then renewing the contract.
  1. Don’t Splurge!
When you rent a car in Colombo, it can be tempting to “splurge” on a luxury model or a SUV for a slightly higher price. Even though you may get the best deal for the car, you’ll still have to pay for fuel. So does it make more sense to get an economy or budget chauffer driven vehicle in Sri Lanka?
  1. Check out the competition first
Call several Sri Lanka car rental services directly, for the best prices before finalizing your selection. Make sure price comparisons include all taxes, fees and insurance.
  1. Book ahead!
The best rates are always given if booked in advance. Always ensure you plan out your traveling dates well in advance and secure the best rent a car service in Sri Lanka to avoid high rates. If you are planning to travel during a long weekend, it is best to book about 6 weeks ahead to secure the best deals.
  1. Ask for Discounts or loyalty programs
Don’t forget to ask about discounts! Always ask about frequent loyalty programs, and check if you could get registered so you can get better deals when you travel to Sri Lanka for future holidays.
  1. Look beyond the big names
Look at the smaller companies who might be able to give you much better rates to rent a car in Colombo and who will be willing to negotiate better rates for you more than the big guys. Carway Lanka has the best deals you could get your hands on!

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