One of the main reasons for traffic crashes and unwanted road accidents is distracted driving. Driving safely when on the road is absolutely beneficial to the driver, other passengers in the vehicle and to all other road users. Staying focused while driving can save you from an unwanted accident and tragedy. Here are some road safety tips when driving around Sri Lanka.
  1. Do not drink and drive
Sri Lankan road rules clearly states that drunk driving is a serious violation. Most common mistake people make are thinking they are not drunk and can manage to handle the wheel. This leads to many accidents ending up in fatal tragedies leading to loss of lives. If you know that you are going to consume liquor at the event you are going to attend then leave your car and call up a reliable Sri Lanka car rental service or ask someone attending the same event to pick you. Many think there won’t be taxi services operating after midnight. This is not true as there are rent car Sri Lanka services that operate 24 hours that you can easily get through to even after midnight to get back home safely.
  1. Obey the speed limit
All Sri Lankan roadways have clear speed limit signs to be followed by drivers. It is paramount that you follow these speed limits to avoid collisions and lose control of your vehicle. The speed limits are there to help you drive safely and therefore should not be considered unimportant and ignored.
  1. Don’t use cell phones while driving
Using cell phones while driving is illegal and extremely dangerous for you and others on the road. Many Sri Lankan drivers are in the habit of talking on their cell phones while driving and getting easily distracted. Stay away from using your cell phone while driving to ensure that you stay focused while driving.
  1. Breakdown safety
If your vehicle breaks down on the road, turn hazard lights on immediately and get the vehicle to a safe location. If you can’t move your vehicles then stay belted in the vehicle and call one of the professional transport services in Sri Lanka engaged in handling breakdowns. These are just few road safety tips that would immensely benefit you and keep you safe and have a happy stress free driving experience in Sri Lanka.

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